12 Extra Websites To Make Profitable Money In 2020

Making money online is everybody’s dream, but how to earn online with minimal effort is a unique experience. The Internet is full of money-making opportunities.

Many sites offer to perform tasks for a few euros.

Which are the most reliable, and how much can you earn?

To find out, discover without delay our opinion on the 12 best remunerative sites to earn money on the Internet that pays!

Paid mission sites

1-Ba Click

Ba Click is arguably the most popular money-making site today. He offers to pay you to carry out small missions. For each task accomplished, you earn coins, the virtual currency of Ba Click. Once the payment threshold is reached, you can exchange them for cash or gift cards.

There are several kinds of missions—the least profitable consist of reading messages. To earn more, you must register on sites, participate in contests, or respond to surveys. From time to time, special missions are available. They allow you to earn more considerable sums (from 20 to 100 €), by registering on a paid site.

The site is ergonomic and responsive for optimal user experience. Payments are made promptly after the first identity verification. If you have some time to spend, Ba Click is a great place to make money.


Another site to earn money older and almost as popular as Ba Click: the essential Loonea. Like its competitor, it is a site that pays its members to carry out ad hoc missions. The proposed activity panel is, however, a little narrower.

The site mainly offers games, surveys, registration on partner sites, and product tests. The missions are regular, and the remuneration varies according to the complexity of the task and the number of personal data to be provided. Loonea also requires that these be exact, under penalty of closing your account.

On the earnings side, you have several options. You can earn money to withdraw via Paypal or by check, as soon as your balance reaches the ceiling of 15 €, but not only. Loonea also offers gift cards to indulge in its partner brands. As a bonus, many contests provide you the opportunity to win gifts.


Swagbucks is an ever-growing money-making site. It offers you to carry out several kinds of missions such as answering surveys, carrying out research, watching videos, or participating in games. Each task is paid in the virtual currency of the site called SB.

Your SB can be exchanged for money based on 100 SB for € 1. Winnings can be withdrawn by Paypal as soon as the € 5 level is reached. If you prefer, you can also convert your points into vouchers to get discounts at Amazon, Spotify, or many others.

Swagbucks is very ergonomic, and its intuitive operation makes it easy to use. Once your registration is finalized, many tips are given to you to maximize your earnings, which is significant. The icing on the cake, the site also offers cashback to earn money on your online purchases.


Molino is one of the oldest money-making sites on the market, and it is clear that it has evolved since its inception. A simple paid email site formerly, Moolineo now offers a range of more varied missions. We find the classics of the genre: site visits, registration with partners or contests, games, and surveys.

The site also offers two engaging complementary activities: product testing and cashback. You can sign up to receive samples from partner companies in exchange for your feedback. Finally, an offer wall called Speedy Wall also allows you to take advantage of exclusive missions if you are quick enough to enter them.

Once your kitty is full, you can withdraw your winnings as soon as your kitty amounts to € 15. Molino offers payment by bank transfer or Paypal, but note that a commission of € 1 is charged in the latter case.


Less known than its competitors, VEuro is nonetheless a site for making 100% reliable money, present on the market for a decade. On the missions side, nothing very original since the website offers the classics of the genre. On the program: site visit, subscription to newsletters, contests, download games, watch videos, or respond to surveys. Before a mission can be validated, the instructions given must be carefully observed.

For each validated task, your kitty is credited with a certain number of points called “coins.” They can be exchanged for cash based on 1,000 coins for € 1. Depending on its complexity, a mission brings in between € 0.10 and € 2. The payment threshold is set at € 5. Winnings are paid by bank transfer or Paypal, the latter solution involving costs.


Last site to earn money in the paid missions category: the well known Gaudin. Present on the market for a long time. It is one of the great classics of income supplements. A large part of the proposed missions consists of answering paid surveys. Reading emails and paid registrations are also on the program.

The threshold from which it is possible to pocket your winnings is € 20. Payment can be made by bank transfer in a few days, or via Paypal in a week. Gift certificates to use on the net are also available, which can be useful during the holiday season or birthdays.

Paid survey sites


Toluna is a top-rated site for making money by participating in surveys. Upon registration, you are asked to complete your profile and several complete studies designed to get to know you better. Once this formality has been completed, you will have access to the inquiries that best suit you.

The surveys are classified by theme and report a certain number of points according to their length. Please note that at the end of the study, you may find that the quota of respondents has been reached. Fortunately, this remains rare.

To maximize your chances of earning points, consider using the mobile app, and activating email alerts. For withdrawal of winnings, a total of at least 1,000 points must be reached. You can exchange them for cash to be recovered via Paypal, a wide range of gift vouchers, or lottery tickets, the latter being the least attractive.

8-My opinion counts

Another famous site to earn money with paid surveys: My opinion counts. In terms of operation, nothing very revolutionary. Once your profile has been identified, you can participate in surveys, subject to eligibility.

Each survey completed and validated by the client is rewarded between 0.75 € and 1 €. An investigation requires between 15 and 25 minutes of work approximately. Paypal makes a payment from € 2.50, or in the form of gift cards. The site is quite pleasant to use, of course, a desktop computer as well as a mobile.


Lifepoints are one of the best values ​​of the paid online survey. Its particularity lies in the possibility of answering telephone surveys in addition to those online. Another point to note: the tests are longer than on many other sites to earn money of the same kind. Allow about 30 minutes each time.

In return, the gains are also slightly higher since they are around 1 € per validated participation. To receive your due, it is via Paypal that it happens. You can also request to receive vouchers.

Cashback sites


Igraal is neither more nor less than the benchmark for sites to earn money through cashback. The principle is simple. You must start by creating an account on the site. Then, when you want to make an online purchase, log in to find out if your merchant is one of the partner brands.

If this is the case, Igraal will invite you to activate the cashback, and you will be reimbursed for a small part of your order. Once the sum of 20 € has been reached, you can withdraw your winnings via Paypal, bank transfer, or in the form of a gift voucher.

11-buy club

EBuyClub works on the same principle as its competitor Igraal. It also has an extensive catalog of partner merchants, so you should easily find those with whom you have your habits.

The payment threshold is lower than on other sites of the same ilk since it is located at 10 €. To withdraw your money, you are spoiled for choice: bank transfer, check, Paypal, and FNAC or Amazon gift card. A good plan, especially if you have to make expensive purchases.


Latest on this list of sites to earn money: Poulpeo. This cashback site, much appreciated by Internet users, has everything to please. He offers to reimburse part of your purchases from a wide range of merchants and offers you a € 3 bonus when you register.

When your prize pool reaches € 10, you can request payment of your winnings by bank transfer.

What gains can you expect from sites to earn money on the Internet?

After this review of the best remunerative sites to earn money on the Internet, it is legitimate to ask the question of earnings. Let us be evident right away: if they constitute a significant additional income, they will not make you productive either.

If you devote enough time to accomplish a large number of missions, you can get between 20 and 30 € per month and per site, excluding promotional offers. To achieve such a result, you must invest at least 15 minutes daily per chosen location.

Imagine that you register on 4 of them. This amounts to 1 hour of work for a monthly gain of between 80 and 120 €. Enough to put butter in the spinach and pay for your little pleasures. Especially since the tasks requested are relatively simple.

However, arriving on the home page of remunerative sites, we realize that they promise between 100 and 300 € monthly. Is it misleading advertising, or is there something to earn more? The answer to this question is called sponsorship. Thanks to him, you will be able to generate a real additional income in the long term.

Each time someone signs up for one of the sites in this article using your affiliate link, you get a bonus. Then, each time your sponsored child wins, you also receive a part of it. This is the real interest of your registration because you will quickly realize that sponsoring brings much more than carrying out missions.

By using these 12 profitable sites to earn money on the Internet, you can generate additional income each month. If you do not make a fortune, you can still pocket several tens or even several hundred euros without much effort. A good plan if you have free time.

It is up to you to combine the sites to increase your earnings. If you use sponsorship, you will see your kitty soar. Concentrate on this technique if you want to make money. You’re just a few clicks away from succeeding, now is the time to take action!

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