40 profitable web project ideas

Start a profitable business on the internet, everyone, or almost in a dream.

But in front of the infinite number of possibilities, it is not rare to be perplexed and to wonder if one made the excellent choice.

To light your lantern, here are 40 profitable web project ideas to gain your freedom!


Creating a blog is an excellent idea for a profitable web project. There are different ways to monetize it: advertising, affiliation, sponsored articles, or even selling product info. For maximum profitability, it is recommended to combine several monetization techniques, to be chosen according to the theme. Here are ten particularly profitable blog niche ideas.

1-A web marketing blog

The idea of ​​a profitable web project that is the most successful is probably the creation of a blog dedicated to web marketing. Very many people want to train in sales techniques on the web and all related subjects. If you have real expertise in the field, your customers will not hesitate to pay to benefit from it.

2-A blog on real estate investment

Real estate investing is one of the niches for which blogging is a profitable web project idea. Since buying a property is an expensive investment and is for people who have some money on hand, your customers will be ready to invest for good advice. It is, therefore, more comfortable to place expensive products on this theme. Once again, providing real added value.

3-A blog on stock market investment

The other area of ​​investment that can spawn a profitable web project idea is the stock market. Buying and selling stocks requires a certain amount of knowledge. Beginners, therefore, feel the need to be guided to avoid mistakes that can cost them dearly. A good reason for them to bet on training. Another advantage of this theme: it offers a large number of monetization opportunities.

4-A travel blog

A travel blog can become a profitable web project if you manage to gain enough fans to stand out on the web. This type of blog is particularly suitable for sponsored articles and affiliations.

5-A blog on personal development

In our often troubled and continuously changing world, the personal development market is doing wonderfully. Whether it’s finding inner peace, better managing your life or gaining productivity, and demand has never been more robust. Creating a blog on this subject is, therefore, an idea for a profitable web project. If you have managed to overcome an awkward moment in your life through personal development, Internet users will identify with you and will be all the more inclined to invest in your products.

6-A blog on financial management

Managing personal finances is a concern for many people. This theme can be broken down into different topics: reducing expenses, managing a household budget, retirement provision or even financial independence. It’s up to you to find the treatment angle that best suits your skills.

7-A blog on weight loss

Another ideal theme for those looking for a profitable web project idea: weight loss. The promise to get rid of excess pounds continues to sell because health is one of the significant issues of our time. And it is not with the obesity epidemic that is hitting developed countries that the trend is likely to reverse! There are many ways to make money from this theme. Be careful, however, not to give advice or recommend products that could be harmful to health.

8-A blog on beauty

“Mirror my beautiful mirror, tell me who is the most beautiful?” ” If today’s princesses have long traded their carriages for a more modern vehicle, they have retained their concern for their appearance. The theme of beauty has many examples of success which prove its high profitability.

9-A blog on web jobs

More and more employees aspire to leave their company to work for themselves. The web offers many opportunities with professions that can be practised remotely. A blog on this topic can be monetized and become a profitable web project if you have experienced it yourself. Training in specific trades, such as that of web copywriter, can sell for a reasonable price when they are qualitative.

10-A blog on cooking

Our latest idea for a profitable blogging web project is based on a hobby that is attracting more and more individuals: cooking. Whether it’s savoury dishes or pastries, there are many internet users who no longer hesitate to go behind the stove if you are good at it, blog about it to make money.


Creating a website other than a blog can be a profitable web project idea, as long as you capitalize on a market that has potential. Here are 10 of the most useful website ideas.

11-A dating site

The number of single people looking for a soul mate has increased in recent years, as has the number of divorces. Dating sites are therefore very popular with those who lack time. Creating a specialized dating site is, therefore, an excellent idea for a profitable web project. The main thing is to find a carrier niche on which to position yourself.

12-A site of real estate announcements

Real estate is a buoyant sector that continues to fare well, even in times of crisis. Real estate transactions are going well, and the services that facilitate them are in demand. A good idea for a profitable web project is to create a monetized online classified ads site with advertising and paid options, which are essential to showcase the goods offered.

13-An image bank

The web is continuously expanding and, with it, the need for content. If text matters, illustrative images are just as important. Many sites are always looking for new photos to illustrate their media. In this context, creating an image bank is a profitable web project idea. You can earn a commission or charge a subscription that allows you to upload photos.

14-A platform for online training

The online training sector has developed mainly, thanks to the growing success of infoprenariat. Many trainers are looking for a platform on which to distribute their courses while avoiding the risk of theft of their content. In this context, offering a dedicated platform with a subscription system and a sales commission is an excellent business idea.

15-A crowdfunding platform

Another contemporary practice: crowdfunding. Faced with the growing reluctance of banks, many companies are using this means to raise funds. Crowdfunding platforms are not financial institutions but are content to put applicants and investors in touch, with a commission on each successful collection—minimal risk-taking, for attractive profitability given the amounts at stake.

16-An online newspaper

If the paper press sees its sales decline gradually, it is not the same for that online. Despite the abundant supply of free content, Internet users are still willing to pay to subscribe to quality digital publications. If you are a journalist and have a passion for sharing, creating an online newspaper or magazine is a profitable web project idea.

17-A site dedicated to self-defence

The rise in insecurity has led to a renewed interest in martial arts and self-defence, especially among women. Creating a website dedicated to this subject is an idea of ​​a profitable web project provided you provide high quality and high-quality content. You can, for example, talk about defence techniques and advertise clubs, publish defence weapons tests and do affiliation by supplementing it with a few pages devoted to legal matters.

The 18-An advice site for entrepreneurs

Business creation is in good shape. By passion, to change their life, or simply to face the crisis, more and more people are taking the plunge to become an entrepreneur. Then began a long series of steps for which they often appreciate being supported. Launching a site dedicated to entrepreneurs is a project that offers multiple opportunities for monetization.

19-A site selling organic baskets

The environmental concerns induced by climate change as well as the desire to eat better and healthier have led to a strong return to organic. In the big cities where the activity is dense and the time for shopping reduced, the organic baskets have growing success. Creating a site that allows them to be sold, in cooperation with local producers certainly requires a critical organization. Still, it is an idea of ​​a profitable web project if it is well carried out.

20-A network of niche sites

If a niche site can make money, create a whole network, it’s even better. This profitable web project idea is aimed at those who already have good experience with websites and their monetization. Its implementation requires a lot of work, but the potential gains are very significant.

Online shops

You can’t talk about profitable web project ideas without citing online business! The merchant sites make it possible to generate exciting income, in particular in dropshipping. You provided, of course, to ensure the quality of the products sold and to provide impeccable service to your customers. To help you, we have ten ideas for online stores to save you money.

21-A web design shop

When you think of e-commerce, it’s almost always physical products that you have in mind. However, digital products like e-books, banners, logos or WordPress themes can also be marketed in this way. A winning strategy, because these products offer you maximum margin thanks to their little production cost.

22-A store of video game accessories

Video game enthusiasts are always looking for new accessories to improve their performance. Like real athletes, they are ready to invest a lot to have cutting-edge equipment. Opening an online store specializing in video game accessories is a profitable web project idea, provided you focus on quality.

23-A baby equipment shop

Childcare and early childhood are promising markets because young parents do not hesitate to invest in offering the best to their offspring. Also, the first years of a child’s life are the time for any purchases. It’s a niche of choice to create an e-commerce site. Again, don’t get confused about quality, let alone safety!

24-A lingerie shop

Fashion remains a profitable niche provided you find a product that lends itself well to trade on the internet. Lingerie is the ideal product for several reasons: everyone wears it, no need to try it and it is cheap to ship. Creating an online lingerie store is, therefore, a profitable web project idea.

25-A store of automotive accessories

Tuning is a hobby that mobilizes a large community of enthusiasts who have a substantial budget to meet their aspirations. Passion often drives impulse buying, and adding up small sums related to purchasing auto parts can quickly lead to a hefty total—so many good points for this business which is also yielding to the digital wave.

26-A store of natural food supplements

Health and food balance are significant concerns at a time when we see the emergence of many so-called civilization diseases, which are linked to poor diet. To make up for the shortcomings of our modern diet, many people are turning to food supplements. Starting a store specializing in natural supplements is a profitable web project idea that will appeal to athletes as well as people concerned about their balance. One imperative, however: pay close attention to the quality of the products you sell.

27-A kitchen equipment store

We talked at the beginning of this article about the French craze for cooking. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of ​​blogging about it, you can sell cookware and bakeware online. There are such a variety of accessories that the possibilities to stand out by choosing a specific sector of this theme are essential.

28-A pet equipment store

Pets are real members of the family in which they live. Their protectors do not hesitate to spend money to provide them with a basket, leashes, litter boxes, cushions and other toys. A pet accessories store is, therefore, a profitable web project idea.

29-A shop for second-hand objects

The second-hand market continues to grow. Its success can be explained both by the effects of the crisis and the desire to return to more responsible consumption. Taking advantage of this trend by creating a site for the sale of second-hand items is a profitable idea for a web project, as demonstrated by the dazzling success of a famous thrift store online.

30-A naughty items shop

This latest idea for a profitable web project in the e-commerce sector may seem daring. However, it is clear that the market for naughty objects is doing well and that this trend is not about to reverse. If you leave the image of the creepy store on which we surf in secret to offer a more glamorous interface, you will reach a more extensive clientele.


Among the profitable web project ideas, we can also cite the full range of services related to the internet. Whether it’s tools or services, discover ten very useful seams to exploit.

31-A subscription webinar management tool

Many net entrepreneurs organize online seminars called webinars. If you offer them a tool that makes their job more comfortable, they’ll be willing to pay a subscription to use it.

32-An autoresponder with a subscription

Autoresponder software is also the focus of many businesses on the internet. If yours can stand out from the competition with innovative features and thoughtful marketing, it can become a profitable web project idea.

33-Downloadable games for mobile

Small mobile video games that allow you to spend time on transport are popular. Offering this type of product with an integrated purchasing system is very profitable if the game is addictive.

34-An SEO consultant service

Offering an SEO consultant service is one of the most profitable web project ideas given the low investment required. The crucial importance of SEO makes the SEO consultant a key player on the web.

35-A community manager service

Another idea of ​​a profitable web project in the service category: offer your talents as a community manager. Mastering social networks are as important a challenge as SEO for business.

36-A virtual assistant service

If you are autonomous and organized, offering your services as a virtual assistant is a profitable idea for a web project because many VSEs do not have the possibility of hiring a full-time assistant.

37-Web design

Creating websites for a fee is not only an excellent idea for a profitable web project but above all, a job for the future that is still in its infancy. Do you know how to code and are you good at graphics? So go for it!

38-An online translation service

The translation of documents is also on the rise because the demand from Internet users to be able to access foreign content in their native language is strong. If you are multilingual, you have a good idea for a profitable web project.

39-Web writing

Web writing is a booming profession. A trend that the massive demand for content linked to the creation of new websites is not going to contradict. Writing for the web requires no investment other than a computer and good spelling correction software. And, if you’re right, it can pay off.

40-The graphics

Last profitable web project idea for this article: get started as a freelance graphic designer. Competent professionals are still too rare, and demand is as abundant as it is varied. Enough to make money fast enough if you know how to make yourself known effectively and seize the opportunities that arise.

With these 40 profitable web project ideas, you now have the inspiration to start your project. As this article shows, there are many ways to make money on the internet. The only condition is to invest in providing the work necessary to succeed. Now it’s up to you to choose the project that best fits your aspirations and skills before you get started!

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