Amazon Alexa Unveils Super Bowl Advertising Campaign

Approaching Super Bowl, the famous American sporting event, Amazon has unveiled its advertising campaign for its voice assistant Alexa. And this year, its TV spot features humans in place of the voice assistant.

Who has never heard of the Super Bowl, the annual football game of the National Football League? Every year, this event brings together thousands of people, but above all millions of viewers. The opportunity for brands to place advertising spots, such as Amazon for the 5th consecutive time. Jeff Bezos’ firm redoubles its efforts and does not lack ideas to imagine ever more original spots. And this time, in its new advertising campaign, Amazon poses Alexa as a human being.

In this ad, personalities Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi prepare to leave the house and ask Alexa to turn down the thermostat, then they ask themselves out loud: “How did people do before Alexa?” Then there is a whole montage of vintage scenes in which requests are addressed to people whose first name looks like “Alexa” and who fulfill the requests. We see for example a man asking a young boy distributing the newspaper: “Alex, what is the news today?” , and the little boy to answer. At the end of the ad, the two American celebrities wonder: “Yes, really, I don’t know how people did without Alexa”, before Ellen DeGeneres asks Amazon’s virtual assistant to play her favorite musical piece.

Alexa to replace jobs?

If this TV spot is ready to smile, it can also be confusing, suggesting that Amazon Alexa has replaced certain trades. In addition, According to The Verge website , this television commercial shows humans talking to other humans like robots, which can be awkward, even annoying for some people.

But Amazon has always been in the humorous bidding when it comes to its advertising campaigns. Two years ago, in the TV spot broadcast for the Super Bowl, Amazon’s voice assistant lost his voice.

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