Electrolux increases the number of cooking programs on the 800 Series KOE8P81Z oven

We are not all potential chefs. Electrolux understands this and takes the user by the hand by offering almost 90 cooking programs on its new built-in oven Series 800 KOE8P81Z.

The range of built-in ovens Series 800 is enriched with a new model baptized very poetically KOE8P81Z. Measuring 60 cm high and developing 3,500 W of power, it uses pulsed heat: a fan located at the bottom of the cavity is surrounded by an annular resistance that completes the action of the vault and sole resistances.

The fan distributes the heat throughout the cavity.  © Electrolux

The fan distributes the heat throughout the cavity. © Electrolux

And to make the most of all these advantages, Electrolux has provided a cooking assistant with 90 automatic programs. You just need to indicate what type of food you want to cook (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.), to select more precisely the type of preparation (for example for chicken, fillets, thigh, roast chicken, etc.) and the quantity so that the oven chooses the most suitable cooking mode, temperature and time for itself.

If these 90 recipes were not enough – or none suitable for the family recipe for cauliflower gratin – it is possible to set up a personalized program from A to Z and then save it. Good point, these are up to 20 programs that can be stored in this way. In addition, a temperature probe measures the temperature of the food at the heart so that the meats (in particular) are perfectly cooked.

You have to put the temperature probe in the food.  © Electrolux

You have to put the temperature probe in the food. © Electrolux

To make these settings – or to program manual cooking -, the KOE8P81Z gets rid of the knobs completely and adopts a fully sensitive and electronic interface; this avoids mechanical wheels, imprecise. Behind the drop-down door, the volume of the muffle reaches 71 l, which should be enough to accommodate good-sized poultry, and five levels of racking are provided. Good point, Electrolux provides a pair of telescopic rails which allow handling heavy or bulky dishes effortlessly. A very useful accessory when you want to water a chicken or a roast during cooking. And unlike those of other ovens, the rails of the Electrolux 800 Series KOE8P81Z can remain in the cavity during cleaning by pyrolysis.

The 800 Series KOE8P81Z control panel.  © Electrolux

The 800 Series KOE8P81Z control panel. © Electrolux

As we can see, the performances of the built-in oven Series 800 KOE8P81Z seem solid. And yet, Electrolux offers it at a contained price since it was launched at 800 € only. A very reasonable price for a pulsed heat appliance, equipped with electronic controls, a cooking probe, and telescopic rails.

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