How To Make Money While Using Google In 2020

Google has become an essential pillar of the Internet.

Entertainment, information, communication: it allows you to do everything, including making money.

Small supplement or full income, the choice depends on you.

Want to make money with Google?

To know everything, follow the guide!

Monetize your site with Google Adsense

The best-known technique for making money with Google is to monetize your site with Google Adsense. The advertising agency of the American giant has managed to overshadow its competitors to become the most popular. Most blogs and other sites that use advertising as a source of income use it.

To sign up for the Google Adsense program, you must first fill out a form and submit your site for validation. It must be at least one month old, host quality content, and comply with Google’s ethical practice rules and applicable law.

Once your application has been accepted, all you have to do is choose the positioning of the banners that will be displayed. Each time one of your visitors clicks on one of them, you will receive a small fee. Earning money with Google in this way requires high traffic. If the gains are not unusual at the start, they will increase as your site develops.

In order not to scare off Internet users and thus deprive you of gains, the quality of the user experience must remain your priority. Think about it by installing your advertising inserts so as not to thwart reading.

Become an SEO consultant

Google is the most used search engine. The popularity that makes it essential for companies that need visibility to sell and exist. To reference websites, the firm uses a famous algorithm: great SEO.

It is he who judges the quality and relevance of a website based primarily on its content. Getting to the top of the first page is a crucial issue for companies that do not hesitate to allocate a substantial budget to their SEO strategy.

If SEO and the requirements of the most popular algorithm have no secrets for you, you can make money with Google by becoming an SEO consultant. If you are right and your customers get real results, you can even gain a lot!

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The role of the SEO consultant is to define the best SEO strategy for his agents. He advises and links with the various professionals concerned, such as web editors or developers. If you have real expertise and excellent interpersonal skills, get started!

Sell ​​your SEO web editor services.

As we have just mentioned, the web editor is a critical player in the SEO strategy of a website. It is, therefore, a profession that allows you to earn money thanks to Google, provided that you can write articles optimized for SEO.

Quality content thought out for the reader, but optimized for Google’s algorithm is the key to good SEO. A state of affairs illustrated by this famous play on words on the canvas: “Content is KING. ” New sites open every day, and those that already exist must be updated regularly. Demand is, therefore, very high in this sector.

A good SEO web writer must, above all, love to write. He should also be comfortable with spelling and grammar. The profession also requires excellent curiosity because the subjects treated are vast. You have to be organized, have the spirit of analysis and synthesis. Finally, it is essential to know the rules of web writing. Do you recognize yourself in this description and want to make money with Google? Go for it!

Create a YouTube channel

Since its acquisition by Google, Youtube has become the most famous video sharing platform by crushing its competitor Dailymotion. A popularity that is a source of financial opportunities. Indeed, creating a Youtube channel can make money with Google.

There are several methods for this. The first is to use Adsense advertising as you would on your blog. This is how YouTube stars earned their primary income.

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To be eligible for monetization, you must own all of your videos, including the soundtrack. Your channel must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 hours of viewing over the past 12 months. To make good money, you need to have a broad audience.

You can also choose to use your channel to sell products. Two methods exist. The first is to sell digital or physical products as an affiliate—the second to market yours to get more compensation.

Finally, if the sale is not your strength, but you are creative at heart, you can solicit donations from your audience. Specialized platforms like Tipeee allow those who appreciate what you do to leave your tips.

Sell ​​apps for Android.

Another way to make money with Google is to develop and sell applications for the Android operating system. With the widespread use of smartphones, which are replacing our computers, the craze for mobile apps is at its peak.

If you have an original, fun, or useful application idea, you can offer it directly to the Google Play Store. To monetize your software, several solutions are available to you. The first is to charge for downloading your application instantly. For this to work, it must have a very significant and immediately identifiable added value.

Another possible strategy: offer a basic version with limited functionality and offer to pay to acquire a premium version. A variant is to provide a trial version for your customers to test your product. Once the period has expired, they must pay to continue using it. Finally, the technique of in-app purchases is a proven means of monetization.

If you do not know how to code, it is possible to call on a mobile developer. Its performance comes at a cost, but you are guaranteed severe work and a result that meets your expectations. However, avoid sites that offer you to design an application in a few clicks. The functionality of such a product is minimal, and it is quality poor.

Become a search engine evaluator

After this array of techniques known to make money with Google, it’s time to make way for other less conventional tricks. The first of these is to exercise the little-known profession of search engine evaluator.

To ensure the relevance of their service, search engines (including Google) use specialized companies. These recruit and train evaluators whose mission is to test the importance of research on a series of keywords by following a precise protocol.

This flexible hours job which can be practiced from home does not require any particular diploma. You just need to be motivated and comfortable with the IT tool, without being an expert. With an average salary of € 12 gross per hour, the income generated exceeds the minimum wage.

Referencing local businesses on Google Maps

If you have a knack for marketing, you can make money with Google Maps with a simple method. This is to help local businesses to reference themselves on this service offered by Google.

When looking for a local business, for example, “Chinese restaurant Paris 15”, you realize that many of them have an incomplete record. Schedules are missing or outdated, contact information missing, and notices are left unanswered.

So many shortcomings that repel potential customers and encourage them to choose a competitor who has better informed this information. By explaining to these businesses how they can benefit from Google Maps, you can convince them to pay you to manage their page for them.

Get paid to do research.

On the Internet, it is also possible to be paid to do research. Let us be evident right away: you will not get rich with such a process, but it can allow you to gain a little significant supplement.

Several portals and specialized sites are ready to pay you to use your search engine. Once registered, you just have to go about your activities on the web. Each request earns you a few points, which you can then convert into euros and withdraw from your Paypal account once the payment threshold is reached.

Give your opinion with Google Opinion Rewards.

To make money with Google, you can use its paid survey service called Google Opinion Rewards. It is an Android application to download. After creating your profile, you must answer a questionnaire intended to target you better.

Google then offers you opinion surveys that you can complete to earn a few euros. To increase your income, you can also write reviews. Once again, it is not the most lucrative activity, but any return of money is worth taking, especially if you combine the sources of additional income.

Sell ​​e-books

Google Books is a public service for reading enthusiasts. But what is less known is that it represents a way to make money with Google if you have literary fiber. Indeed, you can write one or several e-books and put them on the sale. With each download, you will receive part of the sale price of the book.

The principle is the same as that of Amazon KDP, but with a significant advantage. When the keyword of a query is in your book, it appears in the results of Google, which gives it additional visibility.

This method is mainly intended for non-fiction works. Novels, plays, and other short stories are more easily drowned in the mass of existing books. If you have the skill to share, and you are an educator, the adventure is worth trying.

Earn money from the Google Play Store

One last tip to earn money through Google Play Store. We saw above that you can sell applications there. Note that it is also possible to download practical applications to make ends meet.

Increasingly numerous, they offer missions to be carried out in exchange for a few euros. This involves, for example, going to a store and taking a photo of a product, or checking its price.

If you live in a big city where there are many tasks to do, you can earn dozens of euros each month. A small exciting addition, provided you check the validation conditions of the missions and pay attention to the time spent on this activity.

You now have all the cards in hand to make money with Google. If some of these activities are not for everyone, you will find the one that is right for you. To increase your earnings, consider combining techniques. Even if you start small, stick with it, and the results will be there. You only have one thing to do: take action!

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