Mozilla Creates Separate Entity to Host Thunderbird

After trying to get rid of Thunderbird and then changing their tune, the Mozilla Foundation finally decided to offer a separate nest to the email client. This will now be the responsibility of a dedicated subsidiary.

After five years of various twists and turns, Mozilla may have finally found the solution to host its email client Thunderbird. As a reminder, the foundation had considered selling it, going so far as to examine the proposals of two buyers, but had finally agreed to keep it in its fold by laying down some conditions, which were in the direction of emancipation. After more than two years of reflection and preparation, this emancipation finally takes a concrete form: Mozilla announces the creation of a subsidiary, the MZLA Technologies Corporation, which will be responsible for operating Thunderbird independently while remaining the property of Mozilla.

As Mozilla explains in his post“There was a time when the future of Thunderbird was uncertain, and we did not know what was going to happen to the project […] But in recent years, donations from Thunderbird users have enabled plan to grow and flourish organically within the Mozilla Foundation ”. The means are therefore now sufficient for Thunderbird to stand on its own two feet. This change should also allow Thunderbird “to consider offers of products and services that were not possible within the framework of the Mozilla Foundation”, all without giving up on its values-centered on open source and respect for privacy.

Mozilla said that decisions regarding the email client will continue to be made by the Thunderbird Council, with an unchanged team, the new connection translating above all into more flexibility and the possibility of hiring more easily. New plans should also be announced soon.

Naturally, it is always possible to support Thunderbird with donations, which remain the basis of the team’s income.

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