The Switch is now Nintendo’s 3rd best-selling console

As usual, Nintendo took advantage of its quarterly balance sheet to update the sales figures of its consoles. At the end of 2019, the Switch recorded its best period since the launch, surpassing... Read more »

GMC Hummer EV: 1,000 hp for the new electric Hummer

You can do almost everything with electricity. As proof, the confirmed revival of the famous Hummer by the firm General Motors. Sporting the GMC coat of arms, this electric Hummer promises 1,000 hp and... Read more »

Mozilla Creates Separate Entity to Host Thunderbird

After trying to get rid of Thunderbird and then changing their tune, the Mozilla Foundation finally decided to offer a separate nest to the email client. This will now be the responsibility of... Read more »

Arcep to demand more reliability for mobile coverage cards

Aware that mobile coverage cards do not 100% reflect the reality of subscribers, Arcep is launching a public consultation with a view to raising its standards. It could ask operators for 98% reliability.... Read more »

Electrolux increases the number of cooking programs on the 800 Series KOE8P81Z oven

We are not all potential chefs. Electrolux understands this and takes the user by the hand by offering almost 90 cooking programs on its new built-in oven Series 800 KOE8P81Z. The range... Read more »

Autonomous vehicle: Aurora authorized to transport passengers during its tests

Aurora, the specialist in autonomous driving, has just been authorized by the California authorities to transport – free of charge – passengers in its autonomous vehicles. However, there is no question of setting... Read more »