The 21 Best Apps To Earn Money With Your Smartphone

We all want to earn a few extra euros to make ends meet.

But it’s not always clear how to go about it.

Paid apps are a tempting idea, but the fear of being scammed often prevents action.

So that your virtual activities turn into real euros, discover without delay the 21 best applications to earn money!

Earning money with your smartphone is possible!

If our phone is an expensive item to buy, it is possible to make it profitable (a little) by being paid for it. This excellent plan is simple and within everyone’s reach: just use practical applications.

Available for both IOS and Android in most cases, these little programs allow you to earn a few extra euros each month. All you have to do for this is to perform tasks whose nature varies depending on the application you are using.

To be able to benefit from these additional incomes, there are still some conditions to be fulfilled. In most cases, it is necessary:

  • to be of age,
  • to have a Paypal account,
  • to have a SEPA account,
  • to accept the use of your data.

Regarding the opening of a SEPA account, if it is a formality for French and European residents, the case gets worse for other French speakers. Be aware that solutions like Payoneer make it possible to remedy this without difficulty.

How much does a profitable application pay?

Before downloading your first app to earn money, you may be wondering how much you can make—a legitimate question when you want to make ends meet.

The answer depends a lot on the one you use and the paid missions it offers. An application that pays you to play the mystery shopper will be more generous with you than if it merely provides you to answer surveys.

Either way, there is no doubt that you are not going to get rich by earning money with your smartphone. But you can still count several tens of euros per month also, see exceed a hundred if you invest. Amounts to put in your piggy bank, which is far from negligible.

The first is to download several applications that pay for the same type of task. So you can optimize your time. The second is to use the referral program whenever it is available.

Finding referrals takes a little time, but it’s often at least as profitable as paid assignments. The icing on the cake is that it is passive income since you pocket euros even when you are not using the program.

Earn money by answering surveys

To earn money with an application, you can give your opinion by answering surveys. This activity takes a little time, but by being diligent, you can generate between 20 and 60 euros per month.


Toluna is arguably the most popular money-making app in the world of paid surveys. Very ergonomic, the registration form is clear and easy to complete. With a few clicks, you can complete your profile to receive adapted reviews.

Each validated questionnaire is rewarded using several points. Once the threshold of 40,000 points is reached, that is to say, 10 €, you can pocket your winnings in hard currency via Paypal. You can also exchange them for gift cards from different brands. Toluna offers a sponsorship program that allows you to benefit from 500 points per referral.


Mysurvey works on the same principle as Toluna. When you register, you must complete a very detailed questionnaire to understand your profile better. The surveys offered by this remunerative application are quite long: sometimes up to 30 minutes.

Like its competitor, My Survey pays each survey with points which it is possible to convert into money once the threshold of 10 € is reached. To pocket your kitty, you have several choices: request a Paypal transfer, get goodies, or gift vouchers. In terms of sponsorship, each recruited referral drops 100 points in your purse.

3-Ipsos I-say

The most famous of the polling institutes had to have its application. The well-known company differs from its competitors by its method of remuneration and its sponsorship program.

On Ipsos I-say, the first payment threshold is € 10, but at this price, you can only claim gift cards to spend in your favorite stores. If you prefer cash, you will have to wait until you have accumulated the sum of 25 €. Your due will then be paid to you using a virtual Mastercard. Each person you sponsor brings you 1 €.


Swagbucks is a growing money-making app. It offers paid surveys, but also various missions such as participation in competitions or registration on sites. Enough to round off your end of the month a little more.

You are rewarded in points named SB, which you can redeem when you reach the € 5 winnings bar. The site offers transfers or gift cards. Its sponsorship program is exciting because you earn 300 SB for each referral who does the same.

5-Feature Points

The latest application to earn money by answering surveys, Feature Points offers reviews that are shorter than the industry average. Convenient if you don’t have a lot of time in front of you! The application pays in dollars based on a dollar for 600 points.

On the payment side, you can request a Paypal payment or gift card, but not only. Coin Base account holders can get paid in Bitcoins! Originality will appeal to those who believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies. Sponsoring on Feature Points earns 25% of earnings below three referrals, then 50% after that. Suffice to say that it can quickly make a nice nest egg.

Applications to earn money by playing detective.

Have you always dreamed of being a secret agent? So earning money with an app by playing mystery shoppers should please you! You carry out missions in-store by carefully following the instructions and your pocket cash in return.


Bemyeye is an application that pays internet users to play mystery shoppers. After a quick registration, you must geolocate to find the missions closest to you. The performance guidelines and the promised salary appear for each task.

Once your participation has been confirmed, all you have to do is go to the given place to apply the instructions. Once the work is done, it is subject to validation by the customer who contacted Bemyeye. If everything is ok, you are credited with the promised sum. So be careful if you want to make money.

Each mission brings in between 2 and 6 € on average, but there are more than 20 € if you are there at the right time. Once 5 € pocketed, you can request payment into your bank account or Paypal.


Mobile works on the same principle as Bemyeye. The most straightforward missions, such as taking a photo of the storefront or raising the price of a product on the shelf, are paid between 1 and 2 €. But it is, fortunately, possible to be paid more by performing longer tasks, such as checking the availability of a product or requesting information by following a specific scenario.

The time to pay comes when your piggy bank has at least € 7, which is quickly achievable if you live in the city. To withdraw your due, it will be by bank transfer or Paypal. It’s up to you to choose your side!


Winminute differs from its competitors by the possibility of combining several missions at the same time. A little extra that allows you to boost your kitty on this application to make ends meet. With mystery missions paid between € 2 and € 5, the earnings cashing threshold set at € 10 is quickly reached.

Data validation takes place reasonably quickly, from 24 to 48 hours are sufficient. Transfers are not long in being made either. Allow three days for a bank transfer. Payments via Paypal are instant.


Unlike other applications to earn money which sometimes require you to go far enough from your home, Bpeek specializes in hyper proximity with missions within 5 km of your home.

The prices are similar to those of the competition. The payment threshold is one of the lowest since you can cash in from just € 4. The company pays by bank transfer or Paypal.


To improve the user experience by introducing a dose of fun, Roamler has set up a level system. Each successful mission allows you to gain experience points to move to the next, using the principle of role-playing. With the difference that here, you earn real euros.

Another peculiarity: Roamler does not impose a threshold to reach to touch your currency. However, a 2.5% fee is charged on each transfer of less than € 20. The application stands out from the others since it also offers a sponsorship system.

11-Field Agent

If you are a fan of 007, you will be seduced by Field Agent and its aesthetic, which evokes the intimate universe of espionage. In addition to a beautiful look, the application has the advantage of belonging to an American company. Travelers will appreciate it because you can find missions abroad. Each work is paid between 3 € and 15th, which are credited after validation by the staff.

Earn money by shopping with your smartphone

You can take advantage of your errands to save on your sales receipt thanks to these applications, which offer you discounts and reimburse part of your purchases. An excellent way to soften the checkout!


If you regularly take the metro, you have undoubtedly seen the many advertising campaigns of this application, which saves money by reimbursing part of your errands. To save on each visit to the store, simply register and consult the current promotional offers. Once the products have been purchased, all you have to do is scan the barcodes and your receipt to see your kitty credited.

13-Coupon Network

Coupon Network is an application specialized in coupons. Once downloaded, you must register to take advantage of tickets valid on many products of major brands. Regular promotional operations allow you to make even more savings.


Poulpeo offers you to earn euros thanks to the cashback system. When you place an order with a partner store after having the application in your browser, a percentage of it will be refunded. Once the sum of 10 € has been accumulated, you can ask to be paid.


Another cashback behemoth, Igraal, has a higher payment threshold since you have to wait for € 20 before pocketing your winnings. Nevertheless, the application has one of the largest networks of partners and an often handsome percentage of cashback. To increase your income, consider sponsorship!

Applications that pay for testing applications

Among the applications that pay, some pay you to test games, mobile sites, or other uses. A good plan if you like to discover new things.

16-Cash Pirate

This application pays its users to test applications or watch advertising videos. When a new test is available, simply follow the instructions to complete your mission.

Cash Pirate pays you in points that you can resell for cash or gift cards. The exchange rate scale is as follows: 1,000 points = 1 dollar.

17-Bounty App

App Bounty works on the same model as its competitor, with the difference that it does not offer to earn euros, but gift cards. You are free to resell them later or use them to please yourself. She has an exciting sponsorship program since each referral allows you to earn 250 points.


The Testapic app is one of the most serious in its field. Once your profile has been determined using questionnaires, it offers you to test mobile sites or applications. The operation takes between 15 and 20 min per test, for a gain of € 5 in general.


Ferception is a competitor of Testapic which offers you to earn money for the same type of work. The prices are, however, lower, 2 € per test, but the missions are faster. By combining several applications to earn money by evaluating sites, you can generate an additional profitable income.

Earn money with your photos

Do you love to draw your phone to take pictures? Good news: there are income-generating applications that pay you for that! Discover this bonus, which is aimed at all photographers, whether they are amateurs or experts.

20-Scoop Shot

Scoop Shot offers photo enthusiasts the opportunity to sell their photos. The company works with media that place orders with it.  Once registered, you just have to choose the one that inspires you and delivers a good quality photo. If it is validated, you are paid around 10 €. The little extra: no payment threshold to respect, your winnings can be withdrawn when you wish.


Foap is an application to earn money by selling your photos. You set the prices, and when a customer buys, you get a share of the cost. A good plan if you have a lot of images to feed your gallery and increase the chances of selling.

With these 21 money-making apps that are reliable and pay off, you’ll be able to make ends meet comfortably. Spend an hour or so each day, and you will get an additional income that will allow you to have fun or save. To get the most out of it, take advantage of downtime such as transportation or waiting before an appointment. Finally, consider a sponsorship to increase your earnings, as it is a very profitable practice. All you have to do is get started!

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